Starter nail art kit

Starter nail art kit

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Starter nail art kit
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Our amazing nail art starter kit has everything you need to start your nail art adventure or just to top up your nail art supplies kit. You can create a wonderful array of nail designs with this mix of nail art glitters and nail art decorations.

.Pack of 15 nail art brushes

.Pack of 5 dotting tools

.display wheel

.1300 rhinestones in storage box

.1 pack of small Dried flowers selection 

.White mylar glitter 

.1 x gold striping tape 

.angel paper 

.nail stickers (silver and black swirl design)

.water decals (pink rose design)

.Gold hexagon glitter

.Holographic silver rhombus glitter 

.glitter dots

.pink crushed shell

.pack of 5 netting (1 black, 1 pink, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 white and 1 silver)

.2 x foil pots (gold and silver)

.pack of 8 teardrop AB nail gems 

.1 x fine nail glitter 5 grams 

.1 x Heart nail sequins 

.1 x nail glitter spangles

.Summer butterfly nail art water decal wraps

.Mermaid scales nail glitter 4 grams

.Caviar nail art beads 4 grams

.Fruit fimo nail art slices (100pcs)