Santa Claus Christmas nail art kit

Santa Claus Christmas nail art kit

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Santa nail art kit
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Celebrate this festive season with Santa themed nails. This sparkly red themed Santa Claus nail art kit has a wide range of nail art accessories to get your nails ready for the big man.

Kit contains 

. Santa water decal nail wraps

. Fine red nail glitter (5 grams)

. White hexagon nail glitter (3 grams)

. Secret Santa nail art water decals

. Red nail art angel paper

. Red mylar nail glitter (3 grams)

. Pack of 2 Santa charms

. Red hexagon nail glitter (3 grams)

. Fine white nail glitter (5 grams)

. St nick nail art water decal wraps

. Red rhombus nail art glitter (4 grams)

. Christmas nail water decals

. Pack of 2 Father Christmas nail art charms.