Rhombus nail glitter

Rhombus nail glitter

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Rhombus nail glitter
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Keep your nails on fleek this season with our stunning rhombus nail art glitter available in 14 colours. This beautiful diamond shaped nail art decoration glitter is supplied in a resealable 1g bag and can be used with natural or false nails in a range of designs creating a stunning look.

Checkout what nail tech White lace dreams thought of our rhombus glitters...

Blue and silver encapsulated glitter over white

 I’ve been meaning to do an encapsulated glitter manicure with these diamond things for ages, but encapsulation can be a massive pain so I kept putting it off. Not anymore!




(Note: you can certainly do encapsulated glitter nails like this with regular polish, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re confident and quick with your placement. Gel is much more forgiving since you can shift things around right up until you cure.)

  1. Apply base colour.
  2. Apply a thin layer of clear gel – use a base or top coat, it doesn’t really matter. A thicker formula may help keep things from sliding around as you work, so don’t use anything too runny.
  3. Place your glitters! Work one nail at a time, gently pressing glitter pieces into uncured gel. Pick them up using a dotting tool, orangewood stick, wax pencil, crystal picker – just use whatever you have. If you’re having trouble picking them up, lick the end of the stick/dotting tool or dip it into a tiny bit of gel. Obviously, avoid eating gel. Cure each nail when it’s finished.
  4. Add 2 generous layers of top coat, curing after each one. You may find that the glitter ‘rejects’ your top coat – that’s okay, it will fix itself with enough coats. Which you’ll need anyway, because…
  5. …if you have curved nails and are going for something resembling full coverage, you’ll probably end up with glitter that sticks up. Now that the glitter is fixed well (that’s what the 2 coats were for), buff down any bulk/unevenness/bumps/cheeky glitter pieces. You want a nice smooth surface everywhere. If you find that glitter flies right off, you’ve not used enough top coat prior to buffing. If you’re filing the glitter off, you’ve gone too far!
  6. Now cleanse the nail surface with isopropyl alcohol to remove dust.
  7. Top coat again and cure. Check that your nails are nice and smooth. If they’re not, go back to step 5. 
  8. rhombus-glitter-nail-designby-white-lace-dreams.jpg


    If you’re having trouble with encapsulation, here are some tips and tricks:

    • Cut glitter pieces to fit if you find yourself with an awkwardly sized gap (but if you’re lazy like me, you won’t do this).
    • Keep adding top coat and buffing if things aren’t smooth. Encapsulated glitter nails are usually somewhat bulky. That’s fine.
    • Use a top coat with a thick formula – no wipe top gels or even builder gels usually work really well here.
    • If you have very curved or very small nails, don’t do full glitter coverage. You’ll make your life a lot easier. And save time.
    • Even if it’s not perfectly aligned, chances are nobody will be able to tell (unless they’re way too freaking close), so your nails will still look beautiful!

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  • 5
    Beautiful glitters

    Posted by Unknown on 16th May 2017

    Who doesn't love glitter? I love it in it's various forms. With this glitter shape you can create the 3d Cube nail design which looks awesome. Easy to apply.

  • 5
    Delicate and easy to apply

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2016

    Great colours, really thin so easy to apply