blue, pink and white heart nail art sequin shapes

Heart nail art sequin shapes

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Heart shaped nail art sequins
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Beautiful heart shaped nail art sequin shapes. These beautiful flat nail sequins are approx 3mm by 3mm each.

3 grams supplied in a clear resealable bag.

Suitable to use with both natural and false nails.


Sweetheart: purple, teal and white heart nail art sequins

All for love: Bright mix of hot pink, yellow, orange and green heart nail art sequins

Royal flush: red, white and black heart nail art sequins

Eclipse of the heart: pink and purple heart nail art sequins

Crazy in love: purple, transparent white and pink heart nail art sequins

Blinded by love: holographic silver heart nail art sequins

Boy meets Girl: Blue, pink and white heart nail art sequins 

Cutie pie: metallic pink and blue heart nail art sequins 

Loves young dream: pink, green, purple and transparent white heart nail art sequins.

Baby love: Light pink and white heart nail art glitter sequin shapes

Hunny bun: hot pink and orange heart shaped nail art glitter sequins.