Bright retro flower nail art foil

Bright retro flower nail foil

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Bright retro flower nail foil
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 Bright retro flower nail art foil featuring bright yellow and orange flowers with bright green leaves and silver holographic outline to flowers. Foil sheet is approx 13cm by 4cm for best results apply with nail foil glue. Foils can also be applied with nail polish. To use with polish paint nails and wait till polish is nearly dry only slightly sticky to the touch and apply nail foil. (if polish come off on to the foil the polish is not dry enough or if foil does not transfer to nail the polish is to dry.)

Checkout what blogger Tracey thought of the foil...


Well that last day of this month, I mean seriously where are the weeks going. I'm also not liking the dark mornings, I love waking up to the sun shining and birds singing, so with this in mind I thought I'd do a midweek post. The Nail Foil that I'm showing you today from Charlies Nail Art is the perfect way to remind me of Summer mornings.
It's a beautiful sparkling floral foil for just 39p
For this foil I have used a nude polish as a base colour. Then as normal with foil application I painted foil glue on my nails and waited for it to dry. With the foil cut into strips and working on one nail at a time I applied the foil.
This is before a topcoat, and you can see how well this foil transfers, and such a pretty floral design with an added touch of silver sparkle.
And when I applied topcoat you can clearly see it didn't crinkle or ruin the look of the foil in any way at all.
What a perfect way to say goodbye to Summer and hello Autumn with this foil. The colours are so pretty.
Stay safe and much love....

 Tracey x