Here at Charlies Nail Art we love to see the designs created using our products the creativity and individual vision of each design and the versatility of our products seen through the eyes of different people. 

We are currently looking for bloggers, reviewers and youtubers 

to help promote our products and brand.



If you would like to do a blog, review or youtube video on some of Charlies Nail Art products please contact us with the form below. We will need the following information.

1.Your name or business/blogger name

2.Country of residence (and state for USA)

3.Links to your blog, youtube channel if you have one.

4.links or name of your public social media profile (instagram/facebook page)



To be considered to become a blogger, reviewer or youtuber we require the following

You must be 16 or over

If you are a blogger you must have an up and running blog

If you would like to review/swatch we ask that you have an active social media profile with a minimum of 500 followers (This does not apply to youtube accounts) and your profile is public so we can see your review. 

Please only apply if you are willing to review the products sent to you. If you are sent items and do not review them you are depriving another blogger/reviewer of the opportunity. 


If you are a regular customer that has not reviewed or blogged in the past you could still be considered as a reviewer. You would be sent a few extra items with your orders for you to review. (Please be aware if you do not review the extra items sent to you then you will have extra items send in future orders).


Please be aware that we are often inundated with blogger/review requests. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.