Strawberry shake glitter specks

Posted by Brand ambassador Katie on 1st Aug 2018

Strawberry shake glitter specks

IT HAS FINALLY RAINED!! Yes, I am excited that it has finally rained in the UK, I am pale and describe myself as ginger skin and I am sick of this heat. *Although it is still bloody sweating!*

This is week I have some more round nail art specks in the shade Strawberry Shake and another look to share. These are larger then fine nail art glitter and can be picked up and placed where ever you would like. A resealable bag cost 75p for 1 gram of product.

This is how the product comes, be careful removing the cardboard and the staple that way the resealable bag will still work.

This is the resealable bag that the specks come in and as you can see there are hundreds in there and would take a lot of mani's to use them all up.

Firstly, I painted a base coat onto my nails. I used gold strength from Avon.

I then painted two coats of the colour I wanted as a base, I used French Pink from Edge Nails

I added liquid latex around my side walls, this helps minimise clean up as I am going to create a french manicure look.

This is the plate I used from MoYou London (French Collection - 18), I recently bought this as it was on sale and thought it would massively help do french manicures for my nail tech course.

I looked at the stamping plate and decided to try the deep set smile line image.

I was happy with the outcome so stamped it onto all my nails.

I removed the latex and clean up using acetone and brush any white that had gone onto my cuticles and sidewalls.

I then added a layer of top coat to stick the specks onto.

I used a cocktail stick that was wet to pick up the individual specks - like the previous bag they came in two colours.

I picked up the specks and placed them into the wet top coat and placed them around the smile line (this also would hide any shaky lines if I had drawn them freehand)

I added another layer of top coat to seal the specks in so I wouldn't lose any.

This is what my final mani looked like and another design in which the specks could be used.

Maybe one day when I have a lot of patience I may use these as a full base!

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Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.