Shell pattern heart nail gems blog by Tracey Bellew

Shell pattern heart nail gems blog by Tracey Bellew

Posted by Tracey Bellew on 15th Mar 2017


Hello friends, I know I said I'd get my butt into gear and post more, but I've had another super busy week, plus dealing with the allergic reaction now on my cindy hand hasn't helped.

Anywho to start my review for Charlies Nail Art, I wanted to start by telling you all how honoured I was when Charlie asked me to be their first brand ambassador!

I will still be here every Friday reviewing items for Charlies Nail Art and it's coming up to 2 years since I first started reviewing for them and will have a giveaway very soon!

Back to today's review. I have the cute Heart gems with a shell pattern, they are such a very pretty blue too. You get 6 gems that measure 6mm x 6mm for 75p.

I wanted a pearly shell look for my nails and used Jesse's Girl FireFly over my ready painted blue and white accent nails.

I applied the gem with topcoat, and it stuck well and just looks so pretty. I stamped a swirly heart image in a metallic blue polish on the other nails.

I love this mani so much, and how each nail compliment each other.
Use my discount code BNM15 to receive 15% off your order from Charlies Nail Art and as always stay safe and much love...

Tracey xx