Rhombus nail glitter blog

Posted by Brand ambassador Katie on 6th May 2018

Rhombus nail glitter blog

Hello my lovelies and happy Sunday!

Time for my weekly blog post for Charlie’s Nail Art.

This time I am using red rhombus glitter, I have seen this type of nail art so many times and have always wanted to do it but though it would take forever and I have 0 patience. So I did one nail, haha.

The glitter comes in a resealable bag so be careful when you are removing the staple so you don’t rip the bag. The bag is 75p and has a ton of glitter in it. There is 22 different colours to choose from – you can also get 10% off using my discount code NBKT10

Step One: Base coat your nails


 Step Two: Paint your base colour – I choose black as that goes with red.


Step Three: Pour some of the glitters onto the surface you are working on so they are ready to be placed onto the nail. 


Step Four: Paint the second coat of your base colour and while it is still tacky apply the glitters (I used my dotting tool with some base coat on the bottom to keep it tacky) 



Step Five: Top coat using a thicker top coat to encapsulate the glitter. 


Here is my finished manicure 


This can be used for several designs and different skill levels! I might try another design making flowers using this.

I hope you all have a nice week and thank you for reading!

Katie, xox.