Petal nail decal blog by brand ambassador Tracey

Posted by Tracey Bellew on 19th Jun 2017

Petal nail decal blog by brand ambassador Tracey


Welcome friends, hope you've had a good week, let's just say mine has been super busy. If you haven't checked out all the super items over on Charlies Nail Art website, you really should. The amount of stunning nail art accessories is just amazing, and today I have these super irridescent AB Petal Decals in red. They come in 6 colours for 75p, measure 6mm x 2mm and you get aporox 100 decals.

I'm In person these are so pretty with a gorgeous irridescent sheen, and they sort of reminded me of a rose gold colour, so with this in mind, I paired these petal decals with rose gold chrome powder, and over black these petals really pop.

Then I added a holo topcoat :)

I applied these decals with just top coat, and painted another layer to protect them. As you can see it never spoiled the look of dis-coloured them. A great pairing and beautiful look.
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