Neon theme nail art collaboration

Posted by Charlie on 22nd Jun 2020

Neon theme nail art collaboration

Neon theme nail art collaboration June 16th

Hello Lovelies hope your all well. I'm back with another Charlie's Nail Art Supplies collaboration this time the theme was NEON and as usual to be featured in in the collaboration collage all you need to do is use some of our products in your design. First off i'll show you my design and the products i used to make the design and then i will show you all the other amazing designs.

When the theme neon was mention i just knew i had to use some of our fine matt neon glitters (£1.29 for 5 grams) so i started off adding the neon glitters one by one in a stripe formation to create a neon rainbow effect. I repeated this design for the index middle and pinky nails. i had originally planned to place the holographic check foil over all of the glitter nails but i loved the sugared nail look so much with these neon glitters that i decided to only apply the check foil over the middle finger.

I top coated the middle finger to cap in the glitter and allowed to dry. Once dried i then applied my nail foil glue and applied the holographic check nail foil (£0.89 50cm by 4cm) to the nail and top coated to finish.

For the ring finger i wanted to so something different but still tie it in to the design so painted the nail white and the applied my foil glue to the top and bottom edges of the nail i then applied the holographic check foil and finished by placing some 3d nail art glasses charms (pack of 6 for £1.29) to the middle of the nail.

I so happy with how they turned out they fit the theme perfectly.

And here is are the collages of all the beautiful neon designs.

Thank you for taking the time to checkout our latest collaboration blog here is a list of the upcoming collaborations remember to be featured you must used Charlie's Nail Art products in your design.

June 21st - Monochrome (black & white) Theme

June 29th - Pink & Green Theme

June 30th - Sweet 16 theme (light pink)

Why not join in and you could be featured in our next collaboration collage.

We look forward to seeing your designs.

Until next time stay safe and we'll be back with another collaboration blog soon

Charlie x