Nail art glitter dots blog

Posted by Brand ambassador Katie on 9th Apr 2018

Nail art glitter dots blog

Happy Monday everyone.

I hope you've all had a lovely week, I am actually away this for a long weekend and currently in Birmingham!

Today I have a review and pictorial on nail glitter dots Allsorts, they come in a 2g resealable bag. They come in an assortment of colours and sizes which is perfect to create a lot of different looks using one bag. My look is inspired by my latest oddballs subscription.  

This is how the product comes (be careful removing the staple)


Step 1: Choose a base colour (I choose blue to match my oddballs) 

Step 2: Tip out some of the dots onto a piece of paper (this way you can funnel them back in when your finished) 

Step 3: Apply foil glue to your nails and wait for it to go clear/tacky (you could just paint another base colour and wait for that to go tacky) 

Step 4: I used a silicone tool to pick up the glitter dots 

Step 5: Apply the dots to your tacky base in your desired pattern (I did random dots just like my oddballs) 

Step 6: Apply a top coat, I used a thicker top coat rather then a quick dry one so they were full encased on my nail and didn't catch on anything


These were so easy to use and were nice and thin so didn't stick out on your nail which I like. They come in three different sizes and an assortment of colours. I think these would be perfect for the middle of some flowers *i may need to try this*

The bag cost 75p, I feel like the full bag would last you an age and any level of nail art enthusiast.

Thank you reading,

Katie, xox

aka nails_by_kt