Monochrome nail art collaboration

Posted by Charlie on 22nd Jun 2020

Monochrome nail art collaboration

Monochrome nail art collaboration - 21st June

Hello Lovelies 

I'm back again with another nail art collaboration this time the theme was Monochrome (black and white) anyone can join in the collaborations all you have to do to be featured in the collab collage is use Charlie's Nail Art Supplies  products in your design and to prove any one can join in. This theme my 14 year old Daughter has also done a design.

So lets start of with my daughter's design. She wanted to go for a Alice in wonderland look and started off by painting the pinky and ring nail white she then applied 4 of our holographic red hearts (£1.29 for 3 grams) to the ring finger in a square to look like a playing card. She then applied some sprinkles of black fine glitter (£0.99 for 5 grams) and black rhombus glitter (£1.29 for 4 grams) to the pinky nail.

For the middle finger she decided to apply our queen of heart nail glitter mix. We make our glitters in house and she just loves to help create new mixes and mix new batches up. 

For the index finger she wanted to do the cat smile on the nail by hand painting it across on top of a dark glitter polish.

Here's the finished look. I think she has done such a beautiful job and she was so happy with them she's now going to be joining in each collab with us.

For my design i wanted to use our Monochrome glitter dots. I started by painting the index, middle and ring finger white and then applying our glitter dots (£1.39 for 4 grams) i placed only the black dots from the pack to the index and middle nails. 

I then painted a wavy line in black down the middle of the middle nail and painted one side black. I then placed black dots on the white side and white dots along the black side.

For the pinky nail i painted it completely black and added the white dots on top.

here's my finished design 

A big thank you to every one that took part we had some really amazing designs for this collab here are the collages with all the beautiful designs.

Thank you for taking the time to checkout our latest collaboration blog here is a list of the upcoming collaborations remember to be featured you must used Charlie's Nail Art products in your design.

June 29th - Pink & Green Theme

June 30th - Sweet 16 theme (light pink) 

July's theme are being released very soon!

Why not join in and you could be featured in our next collaboration collage.

We look forward to seeing your designs.

Until next time stay safe and we'll be back with another collaboration blog soon

Charlie x