Large flower nail foil blog

Posted by Brand ambassador Katie on 24th Jun 2018

Large flower nail foil blog

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

I hope the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is here!

Today I have a pictorial featuring large flower nail foil on how to use foils!

Firstly, I started with a base colour. I already had Blackpool on my nails from KIKI London so kept it on. 


I then used foil glue (some people are wizards and can use normal polish and wait for it be tacky – I am not one of those and can never judge it) 



Foil glues on milky and when it dries fully (tacky) it goes clear and that is when you know it is ready to apply the foils. 



I positioned the foil over my nails – the images are large and a lot bigger then my little nails so I careful placed it so only some of the flowers showed on my nail.

When you please the foil on your nail I used a silicone cuticle pusher to rub the foil into the nail this makes sure that the image transfers fully. 


I then just take my usual clean up brush with some nail varnish remover to remove any of the foil on my skin. 


I when applied water based top coat (I have heard that normal top coat ruins the foils – although this has never happened to me I wouldn’t want to risk ruining my mani)

This is what the finished mani looks like: 


A look at my thumb nail – which is my favourite nail. 


Foils can be so easy to use by anyone as long as you have foil glue or if you use gels use the tacky layer of the gel polish.

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That’s it for this week, I will see you next week for some more nailart and review!

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.