Posted by Brand ambassador Katie on 24th Oct 2018

Jeepers Creepers Halloween nail water decal wraps blog

Summer is also pretty much over in the UK now so it’s not too early for Halloween mani’s either, haha.

I received some great Halloween/Autumn goodies from Charlies Nail Art and decided I wanted to use these Halloween decals first. They are called Jeepers Creepers and are 89p for a full set of 10.

They are super easy to use and fit all nails as you just use acetone to remove the extra bits.

These decals come with a plastic sheet to protect them, this must be removed otherwise you will ruin the decals and they will not stick to your nails correctly.

This is how they come (I did start cutting them before I remembered I needed to take a photo!)


I cut around the wraps/decals carefully removing all the white backing.


I start with plain nails.


Rather than use a colour or base coat (because I know the wraps/decals are white backed) I use nail foil glue this makes the nail tacky for longer and doesn’t dry as quickly as a base coat would.


The glue applies white to the nail.


When the glue is tacky it goes clear and you know it is ready to apply the wraps/decals.


I use tweezers to dip the decal in water.


I hold the decal in the water for around 20-25 seconds.


If the decals/wraps are ready they should slide straight off the backing paper.


I used the tweezers again to pick up the decal/wrap so I can place it down easily without my fingers getting the way.


I placed the wrap on my thumb making sure I had the design I wanted on the nail.


To remove the extra bits around my cuticles I used acetone and a small brush.


I ran the brush along my cuticle line and the decal/wrap easily came apart where I had put the acetone. I used tweezers to pick up the extra off my skin.


I applied a top coat to make seal in the wrap/decal.


This is what the wrap looks like on all my fingers.


Here is another look at the mani.


I would recommend these for anyone they are super easy to use and look good. Easy method for some nice nail art.

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Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.