Guest product review Modelones polygel blog by Charlie

Posted by Charlie on 16th Aug 2019

Guest product review Modelones polygel blog by Charlie

Modelones polygel guest product review.

Hello Lovelies

I was recently contacted by the owner of Modelones and asked if i would review their new polygel kit. Modelones is a company that specialises in gel polishes which they sell on Amazon you can find the kit here >> Modelones

First off the kit was well packaged it came in a nice sturdy colourful box perfect if you are purchasing it for a gift.

The kit costs £39.99 and delivery took approx 2 days.

So here's what you get in the kit

6 x 12ml poly gel in white, soft pink, light pink, light apricot, nude and temperature colour change 

Box of plastic forms

base coat

Top coat

slip solution

grit file

dual ended brush and spatula

pot of gems

pot of glitter 

instructions. (there is also a short instruction list on the back of the box).

I must admit i was really impressed with this kit the quality of the product and the packaging was brilliant however the instructions do need a little work with regards to the prep instructions.

So here's my little moan about the kit before we get on to the good part.

In the instructions it states to use the grit file across the top of the nail to buff the nail.

As a qualified nail technician i would never advise this as it causes so much damage to the natural nail and can leave them very sore. so when doing your nail prep please buff your nails with a buffer block like this one and not the grit file in the kit the grit file should be saved for the shaping of the extension instead.


Ok lets get started 

So first of all you need to check which size form you need for each nail and decide which poly gel you want to use i went for light apricot. I then prepped my nails pushing back the cuticle buffing with the buffing block and dehydrating the nail. 

As you can see my nail is now dull from the buffing and dehydrating.


Now it does not tell you to apply the base coat on the instruction inside the kit but there is a short instruction list on the back of the box which does state to apply the base coat. I have been told my the owner of Modelones that you can apply the poly gel without the base coat but i think i prefer to apply it. 

I applied a thin layer of base coat and cured it under my LED nail lamp for 60 seconds.

Then once cured i took my nail form and using the spatula end of the brush tool i applied the poly gel to the form.

I then used the brush side of the tool and some of the sliding solution to gently pull the poly gel down the form making sure not to push down to hard as this could make the poly gel uneven and thin in places which will make the the extension weak.

Once you have done this gently place the form to the nail and cure under the light. I used an LED nail lamp which cured in 60 seconds however if you are using UV lamp you will need to cure for 2 mins.

once out of the lamp you can then gently wiggle the form off the nail and you will be left with your extension which you can then tidy any edges and shape if you want to create a different shape.

Once you have shaped your nail you can then apply the topcoat and cure it under the lamp.

Once i had done all my nails i then decided to paint my middle finger a beautiful electric blue and apply some cuticle oil. Here's the finished design.

I'm really happy with how they turned out the system was easy to use and the poly gel is great quality i can not fault the product at all. I did my nails with this product a week ago but wanted to wait before posting my blog to see how well the product lasted and i'm pleased to report the nails are still looking great and all still in tack i have had no issues with lifting they're still as good as new. I would recommend this kit and will happily use the kit for future extensions. 

Thank you popping by to read this blog i shall be back soon with one of our regular nail art blogs.

Charlie x

Please be aware this is a guest product blog we do not sell this item but i was happy to promote it through our blog to help a fellow small business. This item was gifted to me to review but i have given an honest and full review of the product. 

If you would like one of your products to be featured on our blog we are happy to help other businesses out promoting you through our blog but we will only review products that do not conflict with items we sell