Guest product review Azure dip powder kit

Posted by Charlie on 13th Dec 2019

Guest product review Azure dip powder kit

Azure acrylic dip powder review 

Hello Lovelies 

Hope you're well and nearly all prepared for Christmas. Today i have the Azure Beauty acrylic dip powder kit which i have been kindly sent to show you. In the kit you receive 10 pots of coloured dipping powder each pot is 10g.

There is 2 different sets available one is a set of brighter colours and the other has more darker colours. I choose to go for the darker colours with it being the winter season.

Now i will say that it is not a full kit to completely do your nails with the powders it is just a set of the powders. You will need to purchase the base, activator and topcoat to complete your nails.

Fortunately i have nice natural nails which means i could apply the dipping powder directly to my natural nails. Please excuse my cuticles i have been unwell so have not been applying my cuticle oil as normal. You can also apply the dipping powder over a nail tip just prep your nail as normal. 

So i have now pushed back my cuticle and buffed my nails. I choose this beautiful purple dipping powder.

You can now apply a coat of the base polish carefully dip you nail in to the powder making sure to dip at 45 degree angle and pull straight back out. Do not press against the powder as this can cause an uneven application.


This is what your nail should now look like.

Now apply another coat of base polish and repeat the dipping process. You should apply the base polish and dip three time to create a strong nail.

Once you have repeated the dipping process three times you can then apply the activator to your nail.

Once the activator has dried you can then file and buff your nails to shape if needed. I buffed over my nails as i like to buff the nail before applying the topcoat to give a nice smooth finish.

Then apply your gel topcoat and wait for it to air dry. (The gel topcoat is not gel you do not need to put it under a uv light).

Finish off with cuticle oil. 

I have used dipping powder in the past and i found this dipping powder very easy to work with the colours where lovely and the application was good.

These dipping powders are available to purchase at >> MJ Beauty the set cost £25.99 

Thank you to MJ Beauty for gifting me these dipping powders.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. Until next time look after yourselves and have a very merry Christmas from all at Charlie's Nail Art Supplies.

Charlie x