Fine nail glitter blog by Brand ambassador Katie.

Posted by Katie on 1st Apr 2018

Fine nail glitter blog by Brand ambassador Katie.

Happy Easter Sunday!

I hope you have all had a good week!? It's a shame the weather up here wasn't great but nothing could put a dampener on a four day week!

Today, as promised I have manicure using loose glitter, which I have never used before and always dreaded using because I though it was hard to use and would create a mess however Leonie from leonies_nailart posted a tutorial on how to use loose glitter two ways and it was such a help and actually worked!!

I used fine nail art glitter in shade Slate Grey, it comes in a resealable bag which means it doesn't go everywhere when you are finished with it and means it can be reused rather then wasted.It bag is 75p - I used quite a lot and managed to drop some all over my desk and it doesn't even look like it's been touched.

This is how the glitter comes - just be careful removing the staple so you don't rip the bag. 

Step 1. Paint your nails a block colour (try to use a colour that the gutter will stand out from).

Step 2. Add a little glitter to a pot to make it more manageable *I used the curvy end of my cuticle pusher and a lid from one of my Chrome powders* 

Step 3. Apply your vinyl of choice to a stamper head *I used a clear stamper so I could see the placement onto my nails* 

Step 4. Using your finger (or a silicone tool) dip into the pot and gentle push the glitter onto the stamper. 

Step 5. One you have enough glitter to cover the vinyl, carefully remove the vinyl from the stamper.


Step 6. Apply a layer of foil glue and wait for it to dry (usually goes clear when tacky). 

Step 7. When foil glue goes clear position glitter onto nail. 


 Step 8. Using a dry brush remove any glitter around your cuticles. 

Step 9. Apply a top coat 


Here is what my finished manicure looked like.

As you can see I barely got any glitter on my desk and barely any on my nails were I didn't want it.

I can't wait to use this glitter again, I have a gold glitter so keep an eye out for that post to see what I create.

I actually wore this mani for days, which isn't like me but I liked it so much and I wantedto test the glitter and it held up so well I was expecting it to bleed like some othe glitters I have and it didn't it stayed exactly like this photo.

This glitter is perfect for any level, this is the first time using loose glitter and I wold say I did pretty well. I promise you loose glitter isn't as scary as you might think!!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday.

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox