Daisy nail art charm blog

Posted by Brand ambassador Katie on 22nd Apr 2018

Daisy nail art charm blog

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you have had a nice week, it's been lovely and warm here in the North East!

Today I have my review for Charlie's Nail Art featuring 3D Nail Art Daisy Flowers in Purple. Also available in white and pink they are 29p for 2 flowers, they are flat backed so they easily lie flat on your nails and aren't  fiddly to use.

This is how they come.

The plastic baggy they come in isn't resealable like the glitter so you need to be careful once you open it not to lose the charm's - I keep all mine together in a little pot once they are opened 

I used the charms as my accent nail so I only used them on one nail but if you had enough you could use them on all nails - nail art is whatever YOU want it to be.

Step One: Paint your nails a base colour (I choose white) 

Step Two: Because I am using them as an accent nail - decide what you want to do on the rest of the nails. I decided to stamp, but you could use decals, stickers, freehand etc. 

Step Three: Decide what colours you want to use on the other nails - I choose purple to match the charm although the colour is slightly off it is still purple!) 

Step Four: Pick up the charm using tweezers (you could probably use your fingers) 

Step Five: Place charm where you would like it *place a same amount of glue/top coat to make it stick* (I use a thick top coat to stick the charms down and this works fine for me* 

Step Six: Top coat all nails (you don't need to topcoat over the charm)

Here is my finished mani: 

Charms are so easy to use and you can make so many different designs using them! Any level of nail art enthusiast would be able to use this charm.

Don't forget you can get 10% off your order using NBKT10

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.