Circle glitter nail decals blog by Tracey Bellew

Posted by Tracey Bellew on 9th Jun 2017

Circle glitter nail decals blog by Tracey Bellew


Friday at last! But I suppose the 4 day week made this week go even quicker. So here I am with my regular Friday reviews for Charlies Nail Art, and today I have something totally different and unusal. We all know glitter can come in all shapes, colours and sizes, well today I have these very colourful circle glitters in 2 different sizes.

This glitter comes in a resealable bag and contains 2mm and 3mm hollow circles. In a very pretty shiny irridescent finish for only 75p.
I had 2 ideas in mind for These, so let's have a look. First up over black polish, I top coated and carefully placed the glitters to create a variated polka dot mani.

Such a fun and colourful look, and how awesome do each of the glitters stand out over a dark base. Next up I painted a white shimmer polish and used the glitters to make flowers on each nail.

Again a fun cute look perfect for Summer, and this type of glitter can be used in so many different ways.
As always here is my discount code BNM15 that will get you 15% off your order over on Charlies Nail Art website.

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