Blossom tree nail art wraps blog

Posted by Brand Ambassador Katie on 25th Mar 2018

Blossom tree nail art wraps blog

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you have had a nice week.

Starting from today I will be doing a weekly (Sunday) feature on Charlies Nail Art’s website and I can’t wait to show you some wonderful products!

Today, I have some beautiful Blossom Tree Nail Wraps. It is actually sunny for once today so thought these would be perfect. They are 89p for a full set of 10 and are white backed meaning you don’t have to do a white base coat – saving on time!

I will show you below, how the product comes and a little pictorial on how to apply these to your nails *everyone has there own way of applying decals, I am not saying my way is the right way, just my way* 

This is how the product arrives, it is in a cardboard sleeve then in a plastic wrapping to keep them from being crumbled. 

Step 1: Remove the product from the plastic wrapping and the cardboard sleeve

Step 2: Remove the plastic covering the decal *this is an important step, if you miss this then you will basically ruin your mani!* 

Step: 3: Cut out the decals along the edge of the image 

Step 4: Add the decal to some water *I used warm water from the tap* 

Step 5: After 20-30 seconds remove the decal from the water, and push the image with your thumb to remove it from the backing (if it doesn’t move easily, put back in the water and try again after 10 seconds) 

Step 6: I apply my decal (image side down) onto a clear stamper 

Step 7: Apply foil glue (you could use a base coat). Wait until it is partially dry (tacky) 

Step 8: Using the clear stamper, line up the image and press onto your nail 

Step 9: Apply a top coat (I do this before I remove the excess decal as it helps keep the bits I want) 

Step 10: Once top coat is dry, dry a small brush into some acetone and carefully press onto the decal in area’s you don’t want 

Step 11: Once all excess is remove, apply another layer of top coat 

Here is my finished mani. 

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I love using full nail wraps, these took me around 8 minutes to do and they last for days (sometimes longer depending on the top coat you use).

These are perfect for all levels of nail art fanatics – I would just recommend that beginners take there time using acetone to remove the excess as sometimes it can be a little frustrating if you add acetone somewhere by accident and remove the design.

I hope you liked my first blog instalment and have a wonderful 4 day week ahead (I’m sorry if you work bank holidays!!). Next week I am going to be playing round with some glitter for the first time ever!

Thank you for stopping by!

Katie, xox

aka nails_by_kt