Beach theme nail art collaboration

Posted by Charlie on 15th Jun 2020

Beach theme nail art collaboration

June 11th Nail art Beach theme collaboration

Hello Lovelies 

Ok so this blog is a bit late but i really wanted to keep up with the collab blogs.

it's been a really busy weekend with all our wonderful new products being added to the website and i know you've all been loving the new goodies.

Today's theme was beach as usual the collaboration was open to everyone but we ask that if you would like to be featured you must use Charlie's Nail Art products in your design.

I really wasn't quite sure where i was going with the design when i first started so i started off with a yellow base for the index, fing and pinky nails and then applied a blue Barry m gelly polish (shade - Damson) over the whole of the middle finger. I then sprinkled some of our blue mixed hexagon glitter (4 grams £1.39) on top and applied a Barry M white glitter polish (shade - Whimsical dreams) across the top while this was still wet i then placed a metal slice anchor decoration (pack of 30 for £0.75) and some silver chain (10cm for £0.39) on to the wet polish and allowed to dry.

For the finger finer and pinky i then applied the blue polish across the corner of each nail once this was dry with a small nail art brush i then applied Barry M gelly (shade - cotton) across the edge of the yellow and blue and a light touch of it in the blue to make a wave effect. I then applied the white glitter polish over the blue area of the nail and applied Barry M golden glitter polish (shade - majestic sparkle over the yellow area. I then added one of our pastel seashell charms (pk of 8 for £1.29) to the ring finger.

For the index finger i kept it quite simple and just applied the golden glitter polish and added one of our ice cream nail charms (pack of 6 for £1.29) to finish.

Here's the finished design.

A big thank you to everyone that took part here is the collaboration collages 

Thank you for taking the time to checkout our latest collaboration blog here is a list of the upcoming collaborations remember to be featured you must used Charlie's Nail Art products in your design.

June 16th - Neon Theme

June 21st - Monochrome (black & white) Theme

June 29th - Pink & Green Theme

June 30th - Sweet 16 theme (light pink)

Why not join in and you could be featured in our next collaboration collage.

We look forward to seeing your designs.

Until next time stay safe and we'll be back with another collaboration blog soon

Charlie x