3mm AB rhinestones

Posted by Brand ambassador Katie on 2nd Jul 2018

3mm AB rhinestones

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you have all enjoyed the heat we have had this week! (personally, I prefer the cold, I am not made for warm weather)

This week I have a little pictorial on how to use ‘3mm flat back AB rhinestones’ in the shade pink. They are 89p per bag and you get approx. 100 per bag which is less then 1p each. They are super easy to use (which you will see below) and sit perfectly on the nail due to them being flat backed! They can be used with gel and regular polish.

This is how the product comes:

Be careful removing the staple because they come in a resealable bag and if you just pull the staple out you may ruin the bag so it doesn’t shut again.

Step One: Paint your nails a base colour (I painted my purple – I also used a gel polish) preferably one that goes with pink.

Step Two: I pour some of the rhinestones onto my desk (as they are big enough not to get everywhere)

Step Three: I used tweezers to pick up the rhinestones

Step Four: Place the rhinestones onto your nails where you would like them (because I used gel polish, the rhinestones stuck to the sticky later before my topcoat, so if you are using normal polish either had a extra later of polish and wait till it gets tacky before applying rhinestones or use foil glue which dried sticky).

Step five: Once you have finished top coat or cure in your UV/LED light depending how you have used them and that is it – very simple and easy to use, anyone could do it!

This is my finished my mani 

I would recommend this rhinestones to anyone interested in nail art, super easy to use, no mess, quick and look beautiful. Any level of nail art enthusiast could use them.

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I hope you have a lovely week!

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.