3d nail art whale charm blog

Posted by Charlie on 22nd Jun 2017

3d nail art whale charm blog

Hello lovelies

Hope you've all been enjoying the fabulous weather we've been having. With the weather so hot i thought i'd share with you some of our summer themed charms. The charms i choose are cute light blue whales they are 11mm by 6mm with a flat back for easy application made from resin. The 3d nail art whale charms are only 29p a pack.

To start off the design i painted the tips of my nails a dark blue and allowed to dry then painted my nails with a light blue silky polish. The light blue polish was one of those polishes were it was quite transparent so never quite gives you a full coverage which was perfect for this effect i applied 2 layers and allowed to dry.

Then with a dotting tool i applied some little white to create the look of bubbles once dry i applied a clear topcoat polish. While the topcoat is still wet a gently place the whale charm to the nail and allowed to dry.

For a strong application you can also apply the nail charm with nail glue or a small bead of acrylic.

Hope you like the design! 

Until next time take care and have fun creating fabulous nails

Charlie x