3D nail art cupcake charms

Posted by Brand ambassador Katie on 14th May 2018

3D nail art cupcake charms

Hello Everyone 

Today I am showing you how I would use ‘3D Cupcake Charm

In a pack you receive two cupcakes, the pack is 29p (so extremely cheap). The cupcakes are flat backed which helps stay flat on the nail, I used a thick top coat to keep mine on the nail however you could use gel and cure it to make sure it stays on for however long you want.

This is how the product comes


Step One: Paint a base coat (this stops any staining and makes your mani last longer 


Step Two: Paint your nails whatever base coat you like, I used pastel yellow (although it looks bright yellow in the photos). 


Step Three: Choose a design for the fingers which you are not putting the charm. I decided to stamp something dessert treats onto my other fingers. 


Step Four: Because I choose to stamp, I applied liquid latex around my fingers. 


Step Five: Stamp the images you would like. 


Step Six: Apply a glue/top coat/gel base (whatever you plan on using as a sticky base) to your nail and pick up the charm (I use tweezers because I have long nails and struggle to pick things up). 


Step seven: Place the charm onto the nail. 


And that’s is the mani is finished.

This is what my finished mani looks like; 


My stamping isn’t great as I have stamped in a while but you get the idea of what you could create.

Charms a super easy way to make a mani look good and can be used by everyone and be used with different types of manicures (acrylic, gel etc)

If you want to make an order please don’t forget to use my discount code NBKT10 for 10% off your whole order.

Thank you for reading,

Katie, xox.