Become a brand Promoter or ambassador

Could you be a Charlie's Nail Art brand promoter or ambassador?


Do you love all things nail art?

Are you a nail technician or a home based nail addict?

Do you have social media profiles with a high volume of active followers?

Can you showcase our products with clear photos that can be reused for promotion by Charlie's Nail Art?

Can you commit to promoting and recommending Charlie's Nail Art on a day to day basis?

Are you a regular customer of Charlie's Nail Art or have you reviewed or blogged for us in the past?


If you can answer yes to ALL of the above then you could be suitable to be a promoter or brand ambassador.


Here's what you will be expected to do as a promoter or ambassador 


As a brand promoter you will receive a discount code for your personal use each time you order. 

(we may raise your personal discount code over time depending on how many orders are made using your 10% follower discount code).


 please be advised you will not receive free products to review. You are given your personal discount code to order the products you like and feel you can use.

10% discount code for your followers. 

You will get previews of new products and the chance to purchase them before general release. 

You Must follow and interact with our social media accounts liking, commenting or sharing our posts on a day to day basis. 

Recommend us to anyone and everyone interested in nails. 

You can promote other nail products as long as they do not clash with items we sell and you make sure you have enough time to commit to promoting us.

We also ask that you put in your social media bio that you are a brand ambassador or promoter of Charlie's Nail Art and your discount for followers to use.


Please only apply if you can commit to the role. 

 Please remember becoming an ambassador  or promoter is about promoting our brand as if it is your own business and can take up your time with reviewing, promoting and interacting with our social media posts please only apply if you can commit to putting the time in needed. 

If you do not interact with us as a brand promoter you maybe removed as a brand promoter you will no longer receive product preview emails and your personal discount will be stopped.


 please remember to put the links to your social media profiles and a little bit about your nail journey in the contact form below so we can find your profiles.