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Charlies Nail Art is a small family UK registered online nail art supplies business based in Derby we pride ourselves on high quality products at affordable prices with great customer service. We have hundreds of repeat customers and 99.9% of customers would recommend us to a friend.

Charlie's Nail Art Supplies was started in April 2012 by myself Charlie Collis with the help of my Husband Paul, Daughter Vicky and Son Josh. 

I am a qualified nail technician with a passion for nail art and a skill for hand painted detailed fine nail art. However during my journey as a nail technician I found it was quite hard to purchase high quality nail art decorations at an affordable price and with quick delivery within the UK. Seeing the gap in the market Charlie's Nail Art Supplies was founded.

We started off like so many people starting their own business not quite knowing what we were getting ourselves into and just how much work it would be. Luckily we had a family member that helped us to getting our business online and away we went. Starting off with only 50 products near enough all nail charms we slowly started to grow. We always made sure to never get our small business in to debt only buying stock when the business would allow. 

As the business slowly started to grow we started to add more and more new products and now have over 700 products some in multiple colours. We create all our own packaging and package all our products with care. We love being a small family business as it allows us to be more personal to our customers and give personal touches like our handwritten note for every order.

Being a family business we all have to pull together as a team because running a business like Charlie's Nail Art is not just a one woman job. All of us have our strengths and weaknesses within the business and we all muck in to help keep the business running smoothly.

As well as running Charlie's Nail Art Supplies we are also full time careers for my disabled brother so as you can imagine life can be very busy but at the same time it is also fun to pull together as a team giving us a close family bond.

Vicky has always helped to pack our water decals she now also helps with tagging some of our glitters and packaging gems she also loves creating our glitter mixes.

Joshua being a boy isn't as enthusiastic about nail art however he is happy to help package our charms and gems.

Paul will turn his hands to most things that need to be done within the business including packaging glitters, foils etc. cutting up packaging and helping with advertising.

The rest is on me. It's hectic at times but we love it.

Not forgetting our wonderful brand ambassadors some of which have been with us for years and are now more like friends then brand ambassadors. We couldn't do it without their amazing support 

There is one other person  we need to thank and that is YOU. As we know without our fantastic customers we just couldn't do what we do so we thank you all so much for allowing us to live our dream and support our small family. 

Here are a few questions from our customers & followers.

Q. What aspect of you business are you most proud of?

I think we would have to say we are most proud of the product range we have we love being able to offer so many different nail art decoration types

Q. What product are you most proud of?

We are most proud of our exclusive glitter mixes. I'm especially proud of Unicorn glitter mix as that was our original mix and I made it not knowing just how popular to would turn out to be. I think all the exclusive glitter mixes hold a special place in our hearts as we have made them as a family. Arabian nights was my Husband's creation, Pineapple crush was my Daughter's creation and my Son helped me make Magic candy dust. They are something we like to work on ideas together with seeing what we can come up with.

Q. How long did it take to launch your business?

Setting up and launching our business took a few months with building the website and sourcing stock however the real hard work came after that with building the brand which took a few years to build properly and trying to always keep up with the latest trends which can be really hard as nail trends change so quickly.

Q. Where are you from?

I'm originally from Hertfordshire UK but moved to Derby UK with my husband Paul 17 years ago.

Q. How did you get in to nails?

I was always quite arty and loved to draw. How I went from drawing to nails was actually my sisters fault. She had brought her self a nail art pen set and knowing i liked to draw asked if i would have a go at doing her less dominant hand and you could say once i started i didn't stop. I loved hand painted fine detailed designs and flowers on nails and it just went on from there i trained and qualified as a nail tech and a lot of my clients would come to me as they wanted something different on their nails. I loved all nail art items so it was a very simple step for me to take to move on to selling nail art decorations as it was something i had a passion for.

Q. What is your main focus for your business? 

Great customer service is key. Everything we do we always try to keep our customers in mind i.e what our customers would like product wise and treating our customers as individuals taking the time out for every order to write a note. Messaging customers that need advise or help. We like to think we give our customers the service we would like to receive.

Q. How do your store your glitters?

As you can imagine we have to store a lot of glitter so rather then just tell you we thought we'd show you how it's stored. We currently have 30 of these filled with all different glitters packaged and ready to go. Our charms, gems and fimo are stored in slightly small trays. All kept are kept in cupboards to stop any dust reaching them meaning you can rest assured you are getting good quality products that have been stored in the correct way.

Q. Are your products only for qualified nail technicians

No are products are for everyone. We believe nail art is for everyone so whether your a nail tech or just love decorating your own nails at home Charlie's Nail Art is for you. Our website is open to the public worldwide. You do not have to be a qualified nail technician to make an order and there is no minimum spend. If you need help or advice on any of our products or have a question about your ordering just ask and we're be more then happy to help. It's what we're here for!

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about the beginnings of our brand, more about our family business and our family behind the scenes of it all.

Thank you for taking the time to pop by our website we hope to be packing an order with your name on it soon.

Charlie, Paul, Vicky and Josh



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